Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which service do you provide?

Our Escort Agency works in Saint Petersburg and provides escort service for guest of our city. You can book a girl to your place, and our taxi will take her to you at mentioned time for free of charge. Otherwise you can come to our apartments. In this case our taxi will take you to our place free of charge too.

  • How can I book a girl to come to my place?

We deliver girls to all districts of Saint Petersburg. And you can book one of our girls to come to your apartment or the hotel room. You don’t need to pay extra fare for taxi, which a girl will take to come to your place.

In order to book a girl you need to keep in touch with our booking service and provide some details:

  • Your name
  • The name of the hotel you live and its address
  • Your mobile phone

There are some hotels where a girl won’t have a possibility to reach your room, in this case we kindly ask you to meet her near the hotel or at the reception area.

  • How can I reach your apartments?

The reservation manager will give you the address of our place where you can come. But when you arrive at the place please keep in touch with our manager again for additional instructions. Moreover, we can send out taxi to take you to our apartments for free where beautiful girls will be waiting for you.

  • Which methods of payment are accepted?

We accept only cash! We don’t accept credit cards or cheques. To pay for the service you need to give money to the girl as soon as you decide that you like her and make a decision to stay with her.

  • What currencies are accepted?

All prices on this site are published in euro or dollars for your comfort. However, we also accept Russian rubles. If you want to pay with rubles ask our reserving manager about currency rates in our bank for current day.

  • I want extra services!

If you want extra services from a girl tell a reserving manager in advance. A reserving manager will inform the Escort model about your wishes and calculate which extra money you’ll need to pay.